Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sassy is as Sassy DOES! T-shirts are on sale!! Join our Sassy Community!

We would love for everyone who has a tshirt to please email us your pics wearing the shirt that way we can post it on your site.


Sassy Sassy

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sassy Sassy - Update time
Sassy Girl Tees has been so busy (smiling). We are working on an actual website. YES!! A website for Sassy Girl Tees and SassyCakes by Sassy Girl Tees. Please feel free to click on the SassyCakes logo listed on the sidebar and you will find our website for SassyCakes. Please keep in mind that we are working on the site BUT it's happening!! (smiling and clapping our hands)
Time for us to share what else we've been doing.
SassyCakes by Sassy Girl Tees - We've been busy baking up goodies!!
Here are some pics of our treats for the Hollywood Pamper Party (Thank you Latara)
We had a ball!! Surrounded by Sassy Women from all over the Bay!!
(Make sure to join us on Facebook!! look us up)

April 2010 is ending

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010 is ending and we are busier than ever! AND we like it! Sassy Girl Tees is shaking and BAKING!! like never before and we looooove it. We (SassyCakes by Sassy Girl Tees) are rising like the cakes we bake and we loooove it.
We were so glad to provide SassyCakes to the 2nd Annual West Coast Caribbean Fashion Show at the Historic Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland. Marna and myself had a wonderful opportunity to provide SassyCakes by Sassy Girl Tees for this event. It was a beautiful show of people and designers. Be on the look out next year folks... Thank you Shawnte and the wonderful staff of Worldwide Fashion's Industry "N'Tyce "U"Entertainment.
Check out our cakes

Sassy Girl Tees & SassyCakes wants to say congrads to Igigi, Skorch Magazine and to the Curvy Fashionista (We know Marie Denee was not the winner of the blog of the year BUT Marie Denee is a winner to Sassy Girl Tees)
Plus E-zine of the Year
Skorch Magazine

Plus Fashion Retailer of the Year
IGIGIPlease click here for more information on Full Figure Fashion Week 2010
Speaking of congrads... Sassy Girl Tees is growing like wildfire and we were in desperate need of assistance. Norelyn & Yvette are the newest members of the Sassy Squad (we are so thankful). The Sassy Squad is growing. May 2010 is gonna be Sassy-li-cious & Delicious!
First Event on to prepare for is a wonderful fundraiser in the city of San Francisco
Hollywood Diva Pamper Party - Fundraiser for the Homeless $20 per person. May 8, 2010 12pm – 5pm African American Art & Culture Center
762 Fulton St. Please join Sassy Girl Tees & SassyCakes for a day of relaxing activities & pampering. Don't forget to get your SassyCakes and Tees!
Please come out to the event above if you can. SassyCakes by Sassy Girl Tees will be there!
Support is Sassy! (don't forget to join our Facebook page)

Sassy Cakes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sassy Girl Tees attended the Plus Academy Bay Area this past Saturday (April 10th) and it was FAB-U-LUOS!! Sassy Girl Tees was proud to sponsor the event by providing tasty treats… YES DESSERTS! Sassy Girl Tees has a division called Sassy Cakes! Yes Sassy Cakes (don’t you just love the sound of the it) Sassy-li-cious and De-li-cious… and yes nutritious lol! Marna the Sassy Cakes Baker put her all and all into it!! Here are a couple of pictures !! And everything turned out beautifully Sassy Cake Kabobs & Mini 7up Bundt Cakes. For more information on the Plus Academy Bay Area please go to

Sassy Cakes by Sassy Girl Tees has a Fan Page!! BE A FAN!! Join us now
If want Sassy Cakes at your event or just for yourself please feel free to click on the word Sassy Cakes and send us a message!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow! As soon as we posted that our shirts were on sale the orders started coming in! We are soooooo excited! We've been working busily in the background trying to get them out. Of course it wasn't without a glitch here and there but we finally have them shipping and moving! Yay Everyone! And for those who placed orders THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND MOST OF ALL YOUR PATIENCE!
The dream is manifesting and coming to fruition! We couldn't be more excited (and tired-- did I mention this is A LOT of work?) But we can't keep Sassy-ness to ourselves LOL, that just wouldn't be fair. You can place your order for our specially priced PROMO shirts on the right side of the blog right now. We are Paypal Verified, so don't be scared :)
I am so excited, here is a pic of one of our first boxes getting ready for a Sassy Girl. We hope it's a little happy celebration in a box! A Sassy Debut! Lol... Just a little extra sparkle in your day!

(just a lil something to make you "happy" when you open your box)

Here are a few extra sneak peeks at our photo shoot... we're trying not to give EVERYTHING AWAY, but we are just too antsy prance-y and excited to not slip out a few to you so here you go!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is what our "I Love Being Sassy" T-Shirt Looks like "in action." Once again, when ordering please realize that our shirts are VERY curve hugging, and if you don't want it to hug on you too much be sure to order a size up. Especially if you are blessed with "boobage" (like me) **smile**
Ordering info on the right (the other left-- lol)! :)
White Tees wth Black Graphic.
Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry or Dry on LOW HEAT! DO NOT IRON!
Any other questions/concerns please feel free to email us at

The "I Love Being Sassy" Tee is now on sale

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The "I Love Being Sassy" tee is now on sale. This specially priced promotional tee will go on for a limited time only. Yes you read it right... It's a specially priced promo shirt for a limited time only! We are excited to be able to offer this shirt to Sassy Girls every where.
We've listened to your calls and read all of the emails... and FINALLY a promo shirt is available to the masses.
Be a part of our history in the making. Be the first to purchase an official, "I Love Being Sassy" tee and join the Sassy Revolution.
Also please note our shirts are curve hugging and fit snug, so if you think you need to order a size up, go for it!
We encourage all ladies to take a picture in your tee and send it to us via email!!
Our email address is

Thank you for continued support and get your Sassy Tee now.
Shirt Description - White Tee with black lettering
Keep in mind the shirts are curve hugging and fit snug SO order at least one size up
We want to remind everyone how to care for your shirt. Please wash in cold water and hang dry/dry on low

Front of the shirt reads

Back of the shirt reads

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